Knowing Why

As we settle this land we call New Medina, where we have named the place we gather to sight new moons, Mt. Hilal, we are humbled to be stewards of this place, designing social structures that support our most essential need, an environment that inspires people to realize their potential as human beings. New Medina exists to give life to our highest aspirations.

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The Hijrah of the Heart

The Hijrah of the Heart thumbnail

Before making hijrah with our actions we should first make hijrah in our hearts. But what is the hijrah of the heart? Is it an exodus from what trespasses our sensibilities? Or is it to embody a holistic framework for our presence in the world? The latter is more comprehensive and the hijrah we aspire to.

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Hijrah to Home

Hijrah to Home thumbnail

When you see people becoming too greedy, following their own desires, and sticking each to his opinion; then stay at home, keep silent, take what you know and leave what you do not know. Care only about yourself and forget about the common people.

Messenger Muhammad ﷺ

In the last decade we have witnessed unprecedented greed. We have consumed vast stores of the earth’s treasures and yet our desires remain unsatiated. Political parties are at odds, religious strife abounds, and war is on the rise.

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