Meeting a Snake and a Dragonfly on the Primordial Path of Beauty


Enrolling in the Permaculture Design Certificate here is perhaps the best decision I ever made, other than making the leap into Islam. I’m absolutely loving every minute of everyday learning about how the environmental systems work on micro and macro levels. I feel more and more empowered everyday, as they teach us how to take care of the earth and, by extension, the people and creatures who depend on her.

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It’s Different Here

In the fast pace of the city, and even in the suburbs, where there’s always something to do and someone to see, it’s easy to be distracted from the nagging feelings urging me to reflect on my character and my actions. Out here, closer to nature and living at a much-reduced pace of life, those nagging feelings have transformed into in-your-face confrontations with my inner self which I can’t escape or avoid.

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The Islam of Permaculture

Permaculture can be understood as a natural, applied system of living and manifesting Islam, the Way of Love. It is a truly Islamic way of life and approaching the world. Permaculture is based on two major principles:

  1. Understanding everything as being part of unified and holistic systems that are interdependent; and,
  2. Surrendering the ego to be directed by the natural (aka Divine) patterns and laws in a way that maximizes benefit to all and harms none, neither human nor animal nor the environment.

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