IMG_1993We live on a 40 acre community land trust whose mission for 34 years has been to alleviate the physical, economic, social and ecological causes of deterioration in both rural and urban communities. This mission is brought to life by teaching people of diverse backgrounds permaculture, natural  building, appropriate technology, and sustainable livelihood.

Here we practice aligning our values with our actions, free from much of the fitna (strife) of modern life. Our foremost intention is striving for ihsan (inner excellence), being a baraka (blessing) to the earth, and a rahma (mercy) to it’s inhabitants with our hearts, words, and deeds. Daily, we renew these intentions by consistently being the change we want to see in the world.

Live and Learn With Us

There are many short-term residential opportunities to live and learn where we are. We offer scholarships to help reduce the financial cost for those with limited resources. Take a look at our event calendar to see upcoming educational opportunities.

What you can learn