Hijrah to Home

When you see people becoming too greedy, following their own desires, and sticking each to his opinion; then stay at home, keep silent, take what you know and leave what you do not know. Care only about yourself and forget about the common people.

Messenger Muhammad ﷺ

In the last decade we have witnessed unprecedented greed. We have consumed vast stores of the earth’s treasures and yet our desires remain unsatiated. Political parties are at odds, religious strife abounds, and war is on the rise.

The advice to stay at home is seems appropriate for our time. But how would that be possible? How would our needs be met? How would our obligations be fulfilled? And what does it mean to keep silent, to take only what we know, and to care only for ourselves?

Without knowledge of permaculture these questions are difficult to answer. With permaculture we see what is possible, we discover proven solutions to meet our needs and fulfill our obligations. But these possibilities accompany a difficult choice. Do we have the discipline to stay at home?

Can we make the hijrah to home? Can we set aside our greed, desires, and opinions? Can we refrain from disputation, take our knowledge, livelihood, and consumption from right sources? Are we willing to care for ourselves and our families with our own hands?


The Hijrah Narrative

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

― Emma Lazarus

Building community is a process. We cannot will it into existence, rather we craft community slowly over time, experience by experience. It’s a dynamic process that can be guided by bylaws but best realized through love.

I see community as a place where people have the time, space, and support to discover their purpose and pursue their potential as a human being. Not a place where people reside but revive, nor a place where people retire but renew.

That’s our narrative, building communities that revive and renew the human being. Building communities that repair and restore the natural world. Building communities that respect diversity and human dignity.

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Seed, Soil and Soul

The past few weeks our focus has been on producing plant starts for market and vegetables for a late spring or early summer harvest. Our methods for starting seeds has been an exercise in continuous improvement, especially since we use no energy consuming machines to do our work. Seed starting is done by hand so finding the most efficient methods is essential to our process. With current methods one person can produce about 7,250 plants monthly working about an hour a day.

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Divesting the Heart from Dunya

February 13th and 14th is Global Divestment Day. On these two days the divestment movement intends to send a message to the world. To avoid catastrophic climate change, we must divest from fossil fuels.

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Even Land Makes Sajdah

As we enter the Islamic month of Rabi-at-Thani (the second spring), here we are in the heart of winter, planning our plots (gardens), patiently awaiting the signs of spring.

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