The $2,500 House

The price is just for the blocks, but anyone who has paid rent for a year could buy this small home free and clear in less than a year.

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  • Heartsong

    Thank you for this excellent article. It is heartwarming to learn of this company that creates lovely, well built homes for the needy and disenfranchised of our small planet.

    Unfortunately these homes are still beyond the means of the most desperately needy – amassing the capital just to pay for the blocks is a huge challenge, even for those who currently are able to rent (” anyone who has paid rent for a year could buy this small home free and clear in less than a year. ) – where does one live while one is saving the rent money to buy blocks?

    I dream of living in such a lovely little home, but in reality, am blessed and grateful to have my old caravan and tent, and especially blessed to be living in a safe war-free area of our planet.

    Thank you again for spreading the word about this worthy endeavor – it is good to know there is hope of a better future…

    • Yes, for the most needy raising the capital to purchase blocks is a huge challenge. Where one lives while saving money to buy blocks is not a one size fits all question. Each person needs to assess what resources they have access to and what resources they do not. For those without required resources, it would be ideal for the community in which that person lives to offer helping hands. But so many people do not live in these kinds of communities. A blessing indeed you have and thank you for sharing.

  • hassan

    if you have the land you could try making the blocks or similar bricks. this would reduce the cost to zero dollars. you could also try to utilise wood which is also a natural resource and for those with land once again zero dollars. the one thing the so called third world countries have which is still in the hands of the 7eo7le is land ownershi7 giving them some relief from ecocomic o77ression.this is one of the reasons their war torn cos the sharks are coming after our land and want to reduce us to slavery. but if you want a 2 storey concrete condo with air and a 7ool i7od and a benz we cant hel7 you.

  • D Glen

    Where do I find info on this house I will love to have one built in the Caribbean

  • Try contacting the publisher of the video.

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